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We want to fix what’s wrong so that you won’t have to use our 24/7 Breakdown service



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Durban Bakkie Truck Car Services


Affordability is always a factor when it comes to maintaining and repairing any motor vehicle, but at AC Auto Services we’ve found the balance between the two.

While repair costs may be high, we concentrate our efforts on servicing your vehicle to avoid those heavy repairs. We know what makes your car tick and we’ve narrowed it down to a science to avoid these major repairs through proper servicing of your vehicles, a practice your pocket will be very proud of during the ownership and perhaps even the sale of your vehicle.

While services on a vehicle may seem difficult to understand, think about caring for your vehicle the way you care about yourself. You need to eat healthily, drink enough water and maintain good hygiene, the key factor to remember at this point is that to live a healthy balanced lifestyle you can’t simply do this one day a week but rather every day of your life in order to maintain a body which will not only live long and prosper but perform as expected and then some.

Your vehicle works in a similar way. It needs enough fluids to make sure that it’s running smoothly. Oil and water are essential fluids for your cars mechanical survival, simply neglecting to top up the water in your vehicle will cause it to overheat, cause you a breakdown, and possibly damage expensive vehicle components. Clean oil is an even greater asset to any vehicles survival. Dirty or thick oil can cause an engine to seize which is as bad as it sounds and worse, because at that point your vehicle would be in need of major repairs which not only take long periods of time but are far more costly than routine maintenance and services which would have avoided the problem to begin with.

This is why we believe in the prevention of repair through the promotion of maintenance. Simple Interim and Full services, repair and replace the components of the vehicle which look after the major organs in the same way you look after yours.

PS: It’s your responsibility as a driver to maintain your vehicle, ensure the safety of the passengers in your vehicle, the lives of other motorists on the road and of course YOURSELF!